Voluntex is aimed for those who want a better World!

Welcome to Voluntex.org, this website/project is intended for the greatest of the human population which wants to help by volunteering to accomplish a faster and brighter future for mankind.  It is inevitable, that we as a race, are constantly evolving to improve the living condition of ourselves and our surroundings.  Voluntex.org hopes to help propel more human minds and hands to the expedited need of social volunteering.  It is together that we must act in order to reach our best in the years to come.

Volunteers are the key to End Extreme Poverty!

The Global Goal to End Extreme Poverty will only be accomplished with the massive support of many forward thinkers.  The needs are clear and the volunteers that participate in this global goal will be remembered in the history books as the true heroes that took control and supplied the demand of human unity.  There are millions of volunteers already making a difference in this beautiful blue planet. Volunteers taking aim at different social needs are producing positive results and paving the way for more volunteers to join.  There is a need for millions more of volunteers that directly participate in the Goal to End Extreme Poverty and other goals set by mankind for harmonious development of our global societies.

Please Join

We need you! Please join any organization/project today and shape the outcome to our best human condition. One volunteer at a time!